Australasian Applied Statistics Conference 2012


3-7 December 2012
New Zealand

Temporary GenStat License

If you do not already have a valid GenStat license, you will need to install a temporary license. If you have a valid GenStat license, you DO NOT need to install the temporary license. You can check if you have a valid licence by starting GenStat 15th Edition.

After installing GenStat, please download the temporary license key, saving it with the name ‘GenStat.lic’ to your default File location and install it using the following instructions.

1. Start GenStat and click the 'Install License' Button
        Browse to where you saved the license file
        Click 'OK'

If step 1 is unsuccessful:

2.  Copy the licence text at the bottom of this page
2a. Start GenStat and click the 'Install License' Button
2b. Select 'Install the following license text:'
         Click 'Paste', to paste the copied contents into the text area
         Click OK  

OR, if you are unable to find an 'Install license' button then save the attached license file in either of the following locations:

    VISTA AND WINDOWS 7 USERS (using 13 sp1 or later):


(NOTE: If your program data folder does not appear then you need to view all hidden folders on your machine by going to My Computer - Organize - Folder and search options - select the tab View and select the radio button which states - show hidden files, folders and drives.  Select Apply and then OK (as shown below).  You should now be able to save in the Program Data folder)

    WINDOWS XP OR OLDER VERSIONS (also Windows 7 and Vista users, using 13 sp1 or older):

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSN International\Licenses


License text below:

# GenStat license key
# Contact:
# Roger Payne
# VSNi
# E-Mail: roger@vsni.co.uk
# Site Ref:
# Call Ref:
# Key Generated: 14-Nov-12 09:27
# In case of problems please refer to our online licensing guide at
#   http://www.vsni.co.uk or email support@vsni.co.uk
# Please do not modify the FEATURE line or those that follow.
FEATURE GenStat VSN 1212 31-dec-2012 uncounted VENDOR_STRING=VSNi \
HOSTID=ANY SN=401175740 ONE_TS_OK SIGN="022F 7D33 6584 E109 \
4639 63DF BA6C B543 1437 12DB A300 686B A1CF 54A5 BE3C 1DAD \
8C10 2325 2054 D743 FBA7"